Water Damage Lawyer in Pembroke Pines
Water Damage Lawyer in Pembroke Pines
July 28, 2020 admin

Water Damage Lawyer in Pembroke Pines

Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth. Given enough time, water can rip into the earth, creating huge gullies and canyons, and creating amazing marvels such as the Grand Canyon. Even on a much smaller scale, water has the ability to cause serious harm. From heavy rains, floodwater, tidal surges, and hurricanes, nature has numerous ways of showing her destructive forces.

Flooding is the leading natural disaster in the U.S., and individual flood claims average almost $40,000. Unfortunately, more than 35% of homeowner’s insurance claims arise from some form of water damage. Florida certainly has its share of water-related issues. As a relatively flat landmass, Florida is extremely prone to flooding as well as storms, rain runoff, and storm surges. Surprisingly though, only 20% of Florida homeowners actually have additional flood insurance.

If you suffered water damage, we can help. A water damage lawyer in Pembroke Pines understands the issues that arise from water damage, and we can assist with filing an insurance claim, getting repair quotes, and helping you get the compensation you need to make your home as good as new.

Causes of Water Damage in Pembroke Pines

There are various types of causes of water damage. From something as simple as a leaking pipe to severe flooding caused by hurricanes, Florida homeowners understand that water is a constant source of problems for their homes. Some common sources include:

  • Storm surges
  • Rainwater runoff
  • Leaking pipes
  • Leaking appliances
  • Poor ventilation
  • Poor sewer drainage
  • Hurricane surges
  • Failing sump pumps

With thousands of miles of coastline, storm surges are far more frequent in Florida than other states. When storms inundate the region, powerful wind and rain can create huge swells and large waves which can destroy a home, especially if it is close to the shore. Hurricanes and tropical storms in particular often cause more harm by flooding lowland areas than by their strong winds.

Rain runoff is a common cause of water damage. Over time, a homeowner’s failure to guide water off of a home properly can cause serious problems. When gutters get clogged with leaves, rainwater can back up and destroy roofs and siding. And even when gutters are functioning properly, failing to direct runoff far enough away from a home can destroy a home’s foundation.

Leaks within a home are a constant source of problems for homeowners. When pipes leak, it’s all too common to discover the leak after it’s already caused extensive harm since most pipes are hidden within the walls and behind the drywall. This type of damage can cause mold and mildew to concentrate near the leak, which can lead to serious health issues including nasal and throat soreness, eye and skin irritation, and serious respiratory issues.

Appliances are also common sources of leaks. Failing to properly drain a dishwasher or washing machine, or failing to notice a leak from a refrigerator are all small issues that if left unnoticed can create serious problems over time.

Some homes are poorly ventilated, causing damp conditions over time as well. Basements commonly fail to get enough ventilation. When it rains, the ground surrounding a home can become saturated and wet, and this water can easily work its way into a basement, seeping through concrete and other foundational materials. Over time, damp basements can create perfect environments for mold and mildew and can rot wood and other materials essential in supporting a home.

Drainage pipes are essential in ensuring that a home remains dry. When sewer pipes get clogged, sewage can back up in the pipe and destroy bathrooms and basements. Usually, sewage is extremely hazardous to a homeowner’s health and requires extensive cleanup by a professional company.

Sump pumps are an essential tool for a home to remove water from the lowest point on the property. When a sump pump operates as it should, it ensures that water doesn’t collect and destroy anything. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know when a sump pump will stop working, and without a backup power source, a sump pump may not work when the power fails, making them useless when a powerful storm knocks out power to a neighborhood.

With so many sources of water, it is easy to see why it can cause so much damage to a home. When your home has been destroyed by water, a flood damage attorney can help. A Pembroke Pines water damage lawyer has experience working with homeowners and knows how to get you the compensation you need to make repairs. Call Schlacter Law today.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Most Pembroke Pines homeowners have some form of property insurance for their homes. When water damage occurs, this is typically the first place to start in seeking compensation for any damage. Typically, a homeowner will contact their insurance carrier after the damage has occurred and file a claim in an attempt to get compensation.

After filing a claim, the insurance carrier will send out an adjuster to evaluate the property and determine if the insurance company will cover the cost of any damage. If the company does decide to make a payment, it is still in a homeowner’s best interest to speak with a Pembroke Pines water damage lawyer, as they may be underpaying you.

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and will often estimate the extent of the damage in a light that is best for the insurance company. This could result in a settlement that is inadequate to cover the true costs of the damage. It is always recommended to get an independent estimate from a local contractor to ensure that any settlement conforms with the true costs of repairs.

More often than not, the insurance company will deny a claim for coverage. They may claim that the damage was caused by an issue not covered under the policy, particularly when the damage was caused by floodwater. The actual cause of the harm may not always be obvious, and in cases where a claim is denied, a water damage lawyer can help by working with the insurance company to make sure any damage that would be covered by the policy is fully compensated for.

Dealing with insurance companies can be difficult. Often it involves numerous phone calls and constantly following up to ensure that you’re not lost in the system. A Pembroke Pines water damage lawyer works with insurance companies all the time and knows how to ensure that your claim is handled promptly and fairly. Call us today for a consultation.

How We Handle Cases

  1. Investigation
    • Your attorney will aggressively investigate your case. Schlacter Law will compile all necessary evidence needed to maximize the value of your case. Which includes but is not limited to photographs, police reports, security camera footage, witness statements, medical bills and medical records.
    • You will remain in constant contact with Schlacter Law about the progression of your case.
  2. Negotiation
    • Your attorney will present your case to the insurance company and will attempt to resolve your case before the case goes to court for maximum compensation.
    • Your attorney will make every effort possible to resolve the case as quickly as possible for the most amount of money you may be entitled to. You will be actively involved in the negotiation process with your attorney. Schlacter Law understands that this is your one opportunity to get justice for your loss.
  3. Litigation
    • If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, Schlacter Law will be fully prepared to bring your case to court to fight for the justice you deserve.
    • At no cost to you, Schlacter Law will hire any experts and professionals needed to maximize your recovery and present your case in the strongest form possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much reimbursement can I get?

The amount of reimbursement available will depend on the circumstances of your situation and the extent of the damage. Insurance claims for water damage can vary and every insurance company has its own method for calculating a settlement. Additionally, seeking reimbursement through a lawsuit comes with numerous variables which can affect the outcome and the amount of reimbursement. Be sure to talk to an attorney at Schlacter Law today to help evaluate the value of a claim.