Car Accidents Lawyer
Car Accidents Lawyer
February 1, 2020 admin

Car Accidents Lawyer

A serious car accident can be a very traumatic and life-changing event, as well as a painful and frustrating experience. Not only does this experience include the pain and frustration of managing multiple doctor visits, but also handling the legal process by filing an insurance claim, proving fault, and obtaining compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Having to handle the legal process while trying to heal and provide for your family can be simply overwhelming and turn your life upside down. This is why having the right legal representation can make all the difference in your recovery.

At Schlacter Law, we fight hard for victims of car accidents to turn their lives back around. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, including $1,625,0000, $825,000, $800,000 and $790,000 in just car accident cases alone. We make sure that insurance companies do not take advantage of our clients by blaming them for the car accident or minimizing their injuries. We offer a FREE consultation, and, if we accept your case, we will aggressively pursue your case, which may include hiring industry-leading professionals and experts. There is no risk to ask for our help because we only get paid if we recover compensation for you. Call our award-winning team by dialing (305) 999-1111 or fill out a free case evaluation to discover what our car accident lawyer at Schlacter Law can do for you.

How We Fight For You

Schlacter Law is a car accident law firm with the knowledge and experience to get you the results that you deserve. As our client, we begin immediately collecting medical records, police reports, and possibly speaking with experts to boost your claim for damages and strengthen your claim for liability. Our well-trained team can fight back against insurance adjusters who try to blame you for the accident. While our aggressive and high-energy approach helps settle the majority of our cases fairly and quickly for our clients, sometimes we need to pursue our client’s rights in a court. We are ready to stand trial to fight for what you deserve in a courtroom if an insurance company will not treat you fairly.

How We Handle Cases

  1. Investigation
    • Your attorney will aggressively investigate your case. Schlacter Law will compile all necessary evidence needed to maximize the value of your case. Which includes but is not limited to photographs, police reports, security camera footage, witness statements, medical bills and medical records.
    • You will remain in constant contact with Schlacter Law about the progression of your case.
  2. Negotiation
    • Your attorney will present your case to the insurance company and will attempt to resolve your case before the case goes to court for maximum compensation.
    • Your attorney will make every effort possible to resolve the case as quickly as possible for the most amount of money you may be entitled to. You will be actively involved in the negotiation process with your attorney. Schlacter Law understands that this is your one opportunity to get justice for your loss.
  3. Litigation
    • If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, Schlacter Law will be fully prepared to bring your case to court to fight for the justice you deserve.
    • At no cost to you, Schlacter Law will hire any experts and professionals needed to maximize your recovery and present your case in the strongest form possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Schlater Law different?

Schlacter Law is an aggressive and high-energy firm centered on clients. We pride ourselves on being able to navigate the confusing and overwhelming insurance claim process to preserve our clients’ rights to the compensation that they deserve. It does not matter if you were injured in a fender-bender or a catastrophic collision, we fight hard for all of our clients who have been seriously injured in a car accident. Our results speak for themselves.

Is hiring a lawyer necessary after a car accident?

The car accident is just the beginning of your problems. Handling the aggressive insurance companies while juggling your medical needs will quickly become overwhelming. Insurance adjusters are trained to make you believe you were at fault for every car accident and that your injuries are not as severe as you think. Their goal is to minimize your claim and the compensation to which you may be entitled. Hiring a car accident attorney such as our lawyer at Schlacter Law puts someone at your side who has the training and experience necessary to fight back at insurance companies in order to maximize the compensation to which you may be entitled.

How much is a car accident lawyer?

Schlacter Law operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us if we recover compensation for your claim. The contingency fee is a percentage of the settlement or award we obtain for you.

How Are Car Accident Settlements and Verdicts Calculated?

The amount of a settlement or jury award varies greatly depending on many factors including the facts of the case and the extent of your injuries. Expenses such as medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages, and other monetary losses can help start the calculation process. Determining your compensation for pain and suffering is more difficult and is generally what is reasonable compensation for your injuries. There are many ways to calculate the pain and suffering component. Some lawyers take a multiple of the medical bills. For example, if your medical bills are $100,000, the pain and suffering award could be three times that amount at $300,000. Some lawyers just present a fair number depending on many factors such as the severity of the case, the jury, the judge, and the insurance company. At Schlacter Law, our goal is to maximize this amount, putting more money in our clients’ pockets.

If you were injured in a car accident or if a loved one was wrongfully killed, call our car accident lawyer at Schlacter Law for a FREE consultation and strategy session to learn what your case may be worth and how we can start protecting your rights to compensation today.


Dr. Dean Zusmer, DC
I’ve been a chiropractic physician for over 20 years and, upon request, refer patients that were injured in car accidents to attorneys for legal representation. When my sister, Lisa, was injured in a car accident, without hesitation, I recommended her to call Attorney Brett Schlacter. I knew that she would not only get personalized attention, but that he would fight to get her the best compensation possible. Referring a family member to Mr. Schlechter is the most sincere compliment I could give him. If you, a friend or family member is injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident or slip and fall, I highly recommend Attorney Brett Schlacter at Schlacter Law.
Dana Rodgers
I have known Brett for several years through my husband, who is his childhood best friend. So, when I was involved in a bad car accident, I didn’t hesitate to contact Brett when I needed help. Even though I live in Delaware, Brett was able to help me quickly settle my claim with the insurance company. At the time, I was involved in my Master’s Program, so Brett took control in contacting the insurance company and handling all of the paperwork. He was there to answer any questions I had about the process. Brett made the process very easy and worry free for me and I was very happy with the settlement he was able to obtain from the insurance company. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who was in need of a competent, compassionate and trustworthy Personal Injury Attorney.
Claudia Bernal
Mr. Schlacters office took such good care of my and my case. I didn’t think there was any chance of recovering my costs after getting hit by an uninsured driver, but this office got it done and was so professional throughout the whole ordeal. Would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Devan Moorehead
I was referred to Brett by a great friend and I am so glad I was! He was so helpful, knowledgeable and so patient with me. He answered all my questions and was so professional about it! He was amazing at following up with me and checking in with me! And when I would reach out with questions he was right there to respond and did not play a waiting game. I would highly recommend him and his team. Thank you so much Brett!
Massimo Ballucchi
I am extremely satisfied with the entire process in which Schlacter Law assisted me with. From my first meeting with Brett I felt comfortable and assured of his professionalism and care for his clients. His office staff was very professional and contacted me several times to inform me of my case status. The entire process was fast and the results exceeded expectations. i would not hesitate to recommend Schlacter Law. Sincerely, MB