Negligent Security Attorney
Negligent Security Attorney
February 10, 2020 admin

Negligent Security Attorney

If you have been a victim of a criminal attack on someone else’s property, you may have a claim for negligent security. Business owners and property owners have an obligation to ensure that their property is reasonably safe for the public to visit and stay. This includes providing adequate security in stores, hotels, resorts, and apartment complexes. When property owners fail to use proper locks, repair broken doors, or install cameras, it could result in serious personal injuries to an innocent person. Insurance companies like to blame the injuries on just the criminal and not take responsibility for their insured’s actions. That is not fair, especially because most crimes are crimes of opportunity and a simple lock or fixed door could have prevented your injuries.

At Schlacter Law, we understand that being the victim of a crime can be upsetting, confusing, and even embarrassing. But when crimes are committed on the property of another business or person, most times negligent security plays a role in allowing a crime to occur. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, including $2,076,758, $1,625,0000, $825,000, $800,000, $790,000, and $775,000 in major personal injury accidents. We make sure that insurance companies do not try to avoid their legal obligations by blaming criminals. We offer a FREE consultation, and we only get paid when we recover compensation for you. Call our award-winning law firm by dialing (305) 999-1111 or fill out a free case evaluation to discover what our negligent security lawyer at Schlacter Law can do for you.

Types of Negligent Security Claims That We Can Help You

Our well-trained firm can begin to help you after any crime that has caused you serious personal injuries. We will not only look towards the direct actions of the criminal but also to the actions or inactions of the business or property owner where you were injured. This is important because a criminal’s intentional actions to harm you are likely not covered under any insurance, whereas the property owner’s failures to secure the property could be covered under an insurance policy due to the inaction of preventing the harm.

Some examples of negligent security claims include the following:

  • Assaulted, raped, or attacked in a hotel room or resort room
  • Robbed at an ATM or bank
  • Attacked in the lobby of an apartment complex
  • Having your apartment broken into and being attacked due to broken locks your landlord hasn’t fixed yet
  • Robbed while pumping gas at a gas station or service station
  • Being assaulted, raped, or otherwise attacked on a college campus
  • Being assaulted or attacked in a store bathroom
  • Any other criminal activity on the property owned of another person
  • Intentional torts or homicide on another’s private property

Get Our Help

Under Florida law, damages are the measure of relief that a victim may be entitled to in a lawsuit. Personal injury victims are usually awarded monetary compensation for their damages. This means that victims may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Past pain and suffering from the date of the accident to the date of settlement or award
  • Future pain and suffering from the date of the recovery to the rest of the life of the victim
  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Lost wages from the accident or medical treatment
  • Lost future earnings if the victim is unable to return to the same line of work
  • Loss of consortium and services from loved ones
  • Loss of life’s enjoyment
  • Wrongful death if the victim passes away due to the injury
  • Any other damages caused by the injuries

The amount of a settlement or jury award varies greatly on many factors, including the facts of the case and the extent of your injuries. Expenses such as medical bills, car repair bills, lost wages, and other monetary losses can help start the process. Determining your compensation for pain and suffering is more difficult and is generally what is reasonable compensation for your injuries. There are many ways to calculate the pain and suffering component. Some lawyers take a multiple of the medical bills. For example, if your medical bills are $100,000, the pain and suffering award could be three times that amount at $300,000. Some lawyers present a fair number depending on many factors such as the severity of the case, the jury, the judge and the insurance company. However, at Schlacter Law our goal is to maximize this amount, putting more money in our clients’ pockets.

If you were injured in a negligent security incident or if a loved one was wrongfully killed, call our negligent security lawyer at Schlacter Law for a FREE consultation to learn what your case may be worth and how we can start protecting your rights to compensation today.

How We Handle Cases

  1. Investigation
    • Your attorney will aggressively investigate your case. Schlacter Law will compile all necessary evidence needed to maximize the value of your case. Which includes but is not limited to photographs, police reports, security camera footage, witness statements, medical bills and medical records.
    • You will remain in constant contact with Schlacter Law about the progression of your case.
  2. Negotiation
    • Your attorney will present your case to the insurance company and will attempt to resolve your case before the case goes to court for maximum compensation.
    • Your attorney will make every effort possible to resolve the case as quickly as possible for the most amount of money you may be entitled to. You will be actively involved in the negotiation process with your attorney. Schlacter Law understands that this is your one opportunity to get justice for your loss.
  3. Litigation
    • If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, Schlacter Law will be fully prepared to bring your case to court to fight for the justice you deserve.
    • At no cost to you, Schlacter Law will hire any experts and professionals needed to maximize your recovery and present your case in the strongest form possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is liable for my negligence security claim?

A property owner, security company, or maintenance manager may be liable for a negligent security claim. This is because a negligent security claim is premised on the failure to keep one’s property reasonably safe. The most common failure is to repair a lock on a door or fix a broken door or window that will not stay shut or fail to provide adequate security at a known dangerous property. If a criminal would have been repelled by a properly working lock, door, window, or security guard, you may have a claim against the property owner and maintenance company or person.

How long do I have to file a claim for negligent security?

Four years from the date of the criminal action, or two years if the criminal actions cause a wrongful death. It is best to always consult with our negligent security lawyer and firm at Schlacter Law to make sure you do not miss an important date.

How much does a negligent security lawyer cost?

Nothing upfront under a contingency fee agreement. This is an agreement where you pay the lawyer a percentage of what the lawyer recovers in a settlement or award for you. The percentage is typically 33.33% to 40%. Schlacter Law typically charges 33.33% before a lawsuit is filed. This means you do not owe us any money until we recover compensation for you.


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