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Intentional torts are actions done to an individual or that person’s property. Although many intentional torts may give rise to criminal penalties, the victim of an intentional tort can also recover compensatory damages through the civil court system similar to a negligence case. Schlacter Law has handled thousands of injury cases, recovering millions for our clients. We offer a free case review with an intentional tort lawyer in Miami.

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Although the process for recovering damages is similar with negligence and intentional torts, there are differences. Negligence is a failure to use an appropriate level of care, which resulted in an injury. However, the injury is generally not intentionally inflicted on the victim. An intentional tort is an intentional action that caused an injury or damage.

The recognized intentional torts in Florida are:

  • Battery
  • Assault
  • False imprisonment
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • Trespass to land
  • Trespass to chattels
  • Conversion

These injuries can cause extreme physical and emotional trauma. In some cases, the emotional pain can last for many years after the initial event, requiring ongoing therapy. When you need a Miami intentional torts attorney, our firm will fight for compensation for the harm that was caused to you or your loved one.


There is a possibility to recover punitive damages from the individual that caused you or your loved ones’ damages. Punitive damages are intended to punish the individual that caused the harm and deter him or her from engaging in similar conduct in the future. In addition, it can provide a feeling of justice for the victim.

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