Mother of Bullied Student Threatens Legal Action Against Miami School
August 20, 2019 admin

Mother of Bullied Student Threatens Legal Action Against Miami School

In April 2018, a 13-year-old female student at Andover Middle School in Miami was violently attacked by a group of other students. On-looking students stopped to videotape the attack, in which the victim is seen being dragged across the ground, and then posted it to social media.

The victim’s mother saw the footage online and was immediately shocked and outraged. She claims, “I continued always going to that school, complaining about kids bullying my daughter, [and] I’m afraid something will happen to [her] or one of these kids in that school.”

Attorney Brett Schlacter is proudly representing Bestma Mobley and her daughter. Attorney Schlacter has commented on the appalling nature of both the attack and the fact that students videoed and posted it, saying he is horrified that so many students stood by and did so.

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