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Property owners have a duty to take care of individuals living on, or visiting, their property. In the absence of proper security, serious harm can result. Schlacter Law has recovered millions of dollars for injured clients in the Miami area. Take the first step by having your case reviewed by a Miami negligent security attorney.

Negligent Security Law

Examples of negligent security include insufficient surveillance, insufficient lighting conditions, and absence of security personnel, negligent hiring and retention of employees with known dangerous propensities, unlocked doors, and attacks in elevators, parking lots, alleys, and stairwells.

A property owner may be liable for you or your loved ones’ injuries caused by:

  • Rapes
  • Robberies
  • Criminal assaults
  • Targeted attacks due to insufficient security on the property
  • Other dangerous conditions in residential and commercial properties

A Miami negligent security lawyer from our firm can help you recover compensation for harm that results from negligent security. If you have suffered physical injury and emotional trauma because a property owner neglected to take appropriate security measures, you can rely on our legal team for assertive, focused, and personalized representation.

Fighting for the Compensation You Deserve

Schlacter Law works with industry specialists such as investigators and residential and commercial property safety experts to pinpoint faulty security which caused you or your loved ones’ injuries. When you choose our firm, you will enjoy open communication with a highly qualified Miami negligent security lawyer.

If you or any one you know was harmed by or the victim of an attack by a third party on someone else's property, contact our law firm at (305) 290-4907 to discuss your legal rights.

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