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Our Priority Is to Help the Injured in the Miami Area

At Schlacter Law, you will always have an experienced and dedicated attorney by your side. We will always be accessible to answer questions and to help you understand your legal rights as your case progresses. We are also flexible in our schedules to prioritize that your needs are always put first, no matter how complex your matter may be. From the moment you meet with us, you will see first-hand that our clients are our top priority, and you are no exception to that.

Why clients choose our firm:

In the time we have been in practice, our Miami & Miami Islands lawyer has handled thousands of cases, recovering millions on behalf of our clients. As a multilingual firm, we can help you in Spanish, Creole, Hebrew, and Russian. We firmly believe that those who have been injured at no fault of their own should not be left to shoulder the overwhelming financial burden of medical costs. Whether you've been injured in a car accident, or due to a slip & fall accident, you should not hesitate to put our team on your side today.

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